Watch Pokemon Season 16 Episode 6 (Curtain Up, Unova League!) Online


Watch Pokemon Season 16 Episode 6 OnlineEpisode Synopsis: The animated small screen project, Pokémon is based on a story, where a young guy name Ash is on a journey to be the best Pokémon trainer in the world. The show is entertaining the fans since 1997. Till now, the series has completed its fifteen seasons and the sixteenth season is currently running on television. His curiosity about this voyage starts, when he was a ten year guy, he gets the first Pokémon of his life from a professor named Oak. From here, he decides to collect various Pokémon from different location of the globe. In the journey he comes to meet several young people and becomes their friends.
Ash can be seen participating in various competitions to win the battle of best Pokémon trainer in the world. Like other stories, there is also a villain and this bad character is ‘Team Rocket’, which can be seen following Ash and his team. Actually, they are assigned by their boss to steal all the Pokémon of Ash. Every time, they made plans and face the defeat after fighting with the young trainer.
On 9 March, 2013, the animated show is going to premiere the sixth episode of its sixteenth season. Here, Ash is continuing his journey to be the Pokémon master. With his friends, he goes to Vertress city, where a Unova league is going to be held. The league is a competition, where the top trainers are taking part to show their skills. With Ash, there are other trainers and Bianca, Trip and Virgil (Ash’s new friend).
To take part in the battle, Ash fulfills some formalities. Here, he has to fight against Trip. What will happen when they compete face to face as both of them are very good in their skills? So, don’t miss the adventurous episode, which is going to be premiered on Nine March on Cartoon Network.

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